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New Domain Extensions and SEO: Everything you need to know!
let’s move to addressing if domain names are important for SEO in some way. Any web page, even something like page123478–45.html, has a chance to rank well in the search engines. However, that is only ...

No more wild goose chase: ‘Duck.com’ now leads to DuckDuckGo instead of Google
It was confirmed on Monday, December 10, to NamePros that DuckDuckGo had acquired a new, shorter domain name for its search engine’s main page: duck.com ... into Google’s perceived dominance in web se...

Wing.com Acquired by X, Google’s “Moonshot Factory”
When someone visited Wing.com, they reached a temporary landing page informing ... to change its web presence and marketing, including a change of email addresses. This is not easy nor without risk, s...

Krebs on Security
Newtek Business Services Corp. [NASDAQ:NEWT], a Web services conglomerate that operates more than 100,000 business Web sites and some 40,000 managed technology accounts, had several of its core domain ...

6 introductory types of link building that actually work (and why your content is nothing without links) (infographic)
The same is true for the links that connect the pages of your website ... Just one will do. A web of quality links from high-traffic sites is a super effective way to show that your brand has reach be...

Geek to Live: How to assign a domain name to your home web server
Why do you want to assign a domain name to your home web server? Maybe you want to start a blog that you're going to host at home instead of buying a web hosting plan. Maybe you want to set up a perso...

4 steps businesses should take to define and measure e-commerce success
Questions remain such as how your most valuable customers are behaving online, where the online customer experience shines, where you are losing the most customers and what channels, devices or pages ...

20 end user domain name sales up to $55,000
BTCExchange.com $55,000 – Someone in Romania bought this domain name for cryptocurrency site. BTC is the ‘symbol’ for bitcoin. Park.co.uk £22,500 – The buyer has a fun coming soon page, but their iden...

Five Best Domain Name Registrars
A domain name is the magic that turns a raw IP address like into a human-friendly chunk of text like Lifehacker.com. Here’s a look at five of the most popular domain name registrars ... Yo...

Deadpool hijacks Avengers Endgame domain name and it’s the ultimate troll
The joke is on Avengers fans who near lost their minds at the surprise drop of the trailer on 7 December, which finally announced the name of Avengers ... upgrading to a web browser that supports ...

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