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GoDaddy Web Hosting
Windows- and Linux-based servers. Email tightly integrated into Microsoft apps ... GoDaddy's Economy basic shared hosting package ($7.99 per month) includes a free domain name, 100GB of storage, the ability to host one website, unlimited monthly data ...

Why Should Companies Be Concerned About Doxxing Attacks?
They can find out who works at your company by typing the domain name on Google and then target ... hosting corporate data on a virtual private server (VPS) if you haven't already. It's like having your own dedicated server and will isolate you from ...

Mystery location of Clinton email server seen as 'matter of national security'
[A]s far as I can tell, Clinton associates have never confirmed or denied the actual existence of a dedicated ... told Fox News that Webster "is doing some good research" but that information relating to IP addresses and DNS (domain name server) firms ...

Russians released anti-Clinton video game weeks before election
But records examined by cybersecurity expert Paul Vixie and CNN appear to show that, beginning in May 2016, the hosting company dedicated this IP address ... one of the world's top experts on Domain Name Server records, the system that serves as the ...

XXX Domains Are Here: Now What?
For some, today's official grand opening of the .xxx domain is the best thing to happen to Internet ... to certain conditions — among them a daily scan for malware, dedicated servers for search, and access to a new micropayment system — the sites ...

Oopsy DDoSy: Accidental DDoS Attacks Causing Major Grief
After all, Russia has reportedly not been shy about getting in on the distributed denial of service attack action, going after high-profile targets in the United States and the Ukraine, to name ... domain zone, leading to a bunch of DNS servers buckling ...

How Amazon GuardDuty could bolster enterprise cloud security
Consider what happens when an instance hosted by AWS is observed conducting an attack against another party, or when a host exchanges data with a known bad actor -- like a malware server or botnet ... Flow Logs and AWS' Domain Name System -- to see ...

Meet the network operators helping to fuel the spike in big DDoS attacks
Known as DNS amplification, it relies on open domain name system servers to multiply the amount ... Gerlach said a "handful of Go Daddy customers are using the dedicated and virtual dedicated server environments to configure DNS on their systems" and ...

Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) Market - Sluggish Growth Rate during 2025
managed domain name server (DNS), asset monetization, load balancing, and cache management solutions). Based on organizational size, market can be classified into small and medium businesses, and large enterprises. Advertising, education, online gaming ...

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