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Five Best Domain Name Registrars
We’ve discussed the best web hosting companies, but if you have a brilliant idea for a web site, you’ll also need a domain name to go with it. So when it’s time to register that domain name, which dom...

Flixtor Offline Following Mysterious Domain Updates
TorrentFreak reached out to Flixtor’s domain registrar Njalla who noted that the domain name is technically working just fine, as it resolves to the listed IP-address. In this case, that’s an ...

Last month’s top DNW stories
4. Pennsylvania Attorney General subpoenas Epik over Gab.com domain name – Epik decided to accept Gab.com at its registrar and was repaid with a subpoena. 5. Domains suggest which cities might get XFL ...

EU/EEA citizens will be able to register .eu domains even if they live outside of the EU
Any person, who is not a Union citizen and who is resident of a member state, as well as organisations and undertakings established within the EU may register a .eu TLD. A .eu domain name may be revok...

WordPress SEO Tutorial Expert Oladejo Elisha Shares Detailed Instruction on How to Start a Blog for Free in 5 Easy Steps
After choosing the platform, the next step is about selecting and registering the blog’s domain name. It is ideally an easy step but requires creativity from the author. Otherwise, one might choose a ...

Do You Know Who Your Domain Name Registrar Is?
A guy I know passed along this e-mail sent to one of his customers. They assumed it was a phish, since they didn't recognize the domain name in the link, but couldn't figure out what the goal of the p...

Avengers 4: Domain owner of AvengersEndGame dot com willing to trade it for THIS
After the name of Avengers 4 got revealed ... The search, however, showcased that the domain was registered through GoDaddy, one of the leading domain registrar.

Trademark Enforcement: Determining ‘WHOIS’ behind infringement may have become much more complicated
An investigation into an online infringer generally includes a search of the WHOIS database. The WHOIS database is an online registrar of domain name information regulated by the Internet Corporation ...

What Do I Do When Someone Has a Domain Name I Want?
I'd really like to register the domain name for my last name, but it's already taken. The frustrating part is that the person who owns the domain name doesn't seem to be doing anything with it. Is the...

A Quiet War Rages Over Who Can Make Money Online
Another pornographic actor and model, who goes by the name Haven Graye online ... offline for nearly a week when its payment service providers, web host, and domain registrar dropped contracts with th...

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