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Empty legal threats and/or the passive aggressive domain name “buyer”
Some people think they somehow deserve a domain name so they try to acquire it using baseless and ... I then received a $2,000 offer to which I replied “thank you for your offer but we can’t accept it. “. I don’t NEED this domain, i just want ...

Could there be a scramble to buy up the best emoji domain names?
Well, some people think we might have a second wave of ... That means you can’t buy an emoji domain with “.com” or “.com.au”. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) — the governing body for top level domains — does ...

Crypto.com is not for sale
“People my age could just register names like that when we were your age,” he told security researcher ... “Note to the idiot who hassled my department receptionist about wanting to buy my domain. It’s not for sale,” he wrote.

Domain Extensions Can Make A Difference To Your Business
One can buy or hand-register a domain from the primary market ... industry related keywords or geo-specific names. CXOToday: What are the key business plans of the company in 2018-19? Ramchandani: We are looking at expanding the penetration of our domains ...

The Internet Has Run Out of Four-Letter Dot-Com Names
If you want a snappy dot-com URL, you'll have to buy it from ... letter dot-com domain names are left unregistered on the Internet, according to new research by WhoAPI.com, a Croatian startup that analyzes domain data. Advertisement We’re not just ...

A group of former Gawker employees launched a Kickstarter to buy back Gawker.com and relaunch the publication
and we want to put in our own bid to buy it back," according to the Kickstarter page. The reason that the archives and domain name are for sale is because they were not included in the sale of the other Gawker Media properties to Univision in 2016.

Second level .za domain names considered for South Africa
Then those scumbag companies and people who buy ... a good name without paying the extortionate prices for unused .co.za or .com domains. +1. I would register myname.za in an instant and deregister myname.co.za while redirecting myname.web.za . We've ...

Did Apple Buy iCloud.com For $4.5 Million? It's Possible, But …
Last week, we also received a tip that Apple purchased iCloud.com ... but neither Xcerion or Apple has confirmed this at this point. And even if Apple did buy the domain name, this doesn’t guarantee that they’ll end up using it as a brand name ...

Pirate Bay Founder Launches Anonymous Domain Registration Service
On the Internet, Njalla helps to keep people’s domain names private. While anonymizer services aren’t anything new, Sunde’s company takes a different approach compared to most of the competition. With Njalla, customers don’t buy the domain names ...

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